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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Am I eligible?
  2. In order to be eligible for a Kentucky license to Carry Concealed Deady Weapons (CCDW), you need to be a resident of Kentucky and be at least 21 years of age. Your application may be denied, or a license revoked or suspended, for any of the following:
    • Conviction of a felony.
    • Being under indictment for a felony.
    • Conviction of Assault in the fourth degree within the past three (3) years.
    • Conviction of terroristic threatening in the third degree within the past three (3) years.
    • Conviction of a misdemeanor relating to a controlled substance within the past three (3) years.
    • Conviction of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence.
    • Being an unlawful user of, or being addicted to, any controlled substance.
    • Conviction of two DUIs within the past three (3) years.
    • Commitment for alcohol or drug abuse within the past three (3) years.
    • Adjudication as an incompetent or having been involuntarily committed to a mental institution.
    • An active emergency protective order or domestic violence order.
    • Owing a child support arrearage that equals or exceeds the cumulative amount that would be owed after one (1) year of nonpayment.
    • Failure to comply with any subpoena or warrant relating to child support or paternity proceedings.
    • Being a fugitive from justice.
    • Being an illegal alien.
    • Having renounced your U.S. Citizenship.
    • Dishonorable discharge from the Armed Forces.
    • A discrepancy concerning the age or training requirements.
    • Being ineligible to purchase, receive or possess a firearm, ammunition or both under state or federal law.
    Note - While some disqualifiers listed above have a three-year limitation, other disqualifiers, such as conviction of a felony or misdemeanor crime of domestic violence, do not have a time limitation.
  3. What will I need to bring with me?
    • A safe, functional handgun,
    • At least 20 (preferably 40) rounds of factory-loaded ammunition for that handgun (reloads are not acceptable),
    • Cleaning equipment for the firearm,
    • A holster, case, 'gun rug' or other means of transporting the firearm safely,
    • Hearing and eye protection,
    • Government-issued Photo ID,
    • A positive attitude.
  4. How much does it cost?
  5. That depends, as I offer several discounts. The basic price is $75 per person. However, I do offer numerous discounts. Contact me for more information.
  6. Do you offer group discounts?
  7. Yes - e-mail me at with your group size and we will work something out. Note that legally the class size may not exceed 40 students, and on the range a maximum of 5 may fire at a time. Also, I much prefer smaller class sizes as it is easier to give the students the attention they deserve.
  8. How often do you run the classes?
  9. I run them whenever I have enough students to make it cost-effective. Note - I like to keep the class sizes reasonably small (I find 12 to be a good number) so it generally does not take long before I have enough for a class. Let me know if you're interested in a class and we'll work something out.
  10. What is the format?
    1. Classroom:
      • We start off with some paperwork that I need you to complete.
      • I waffle for a while, then show you some videos. (I will inspect your firearms and ammunition during the videos.)
      • I then waffle some more, and have you strip and clean your firearms.
      • You will then sit a standard course examination.
      • Finally, we will head to the range for the live-fire testing.
    2. Range:
      • I will set up a standard B-21 silhouette target (or equivalent) at a range of 7 yards.
      • You will need to hit the shaded part of the target with at least 11 of the 20 rounds.
  11. How long does it take?
  12. Around 7 hours plus range time. Overall about 8 to 8½ hours.
  13. What happens next?
  14. Within five working days after completing the course, I will send information regarding your pass or fail status to the Department of Criminal Justice Training (DoCJT) in Richmond.
    The DoCJT will, within fifteen days of receiving that information, issue a 'Certificate of Training' (or notification that you will not be certified) that will be mailed to your home address.
    Assuming you passed, you should take a copy of that certificate to your local Sheriff's Office along with a Recent color photograph (full head shot no smaller than 3½" x 4" nor larger than 4" x 5"), a notarized Citizenship Affidavit (this also includes lawful permanent residents) and two checks, one for $40 (made payable to the Department of State Police) and one for $20 (made payable to the Sheriff of your county of residence).
    The Kentucky State Police then have sixty days to either issue or deny your license. Mine took about six weeks.
    Assuming the background checks, etc. are good, you will receive a 'Flash Pak' mailed to your home address advising you that you may pick up your license from your local Sheriff's Office.
    Go to your local Sheriff's Office and pick up your license.
    Congratulations! You may now carry a concealed deadly weapon.
  15. You said "two checks". Will they take money orders?
  16. Yes.
  17. Do you take credit cards?
  18. Yes. I accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.
  19. Can I pay online?
  20. Not yet, but I'm working on it.
  21. My Certificate of Training has not arrived.
  22. I have 5 business days to mail the paperwork in to the DoCJT. They then have 15 business days to mail it back to you. Therefore it can take up to a month from the date you took your class until the date you receive your certificate.
    If you assume it will take a month then you will usually be pleasantly surprised.
    If it has been more than a month, let me know and I'll speak to the DoCJT and have a duplicate mailed out to you.
  23. I have a Taurus Judge / S&W Governor. Can I use .410 shotgun shells to qualify?
  24. The Judge and Governor can take both single projectile and shotgun rounds. You may use the above firearms to qualify, as long as you use single projectile rounds (such as .45 Long Colt). The multi projectile shotgun rounds are not permissable.
  25. You say I have to hit the target at least 11 times. Can I stop shooting after 11 hits?
  26. No. Kentucky Statute requires that you must fire all 20 rounds.
  27. But rounds for my .50 Desert Eagle are $5 each!
  28. Sorry, but you do have to fire all 20. If you don't want to put $100 downrange, I would suggest borrowing a more economical gun from a friend. However, I would question the wisdom of choosing such a big gun for concealed carry...
  29. Where is the class held?
  30. See here.
  31. You spelled "Concealed" wrong - your stupid.
  32. Er, that was intentional. This way the last 3 letters are my initials (ConceALD). And you spelled "you're" wrong.
  33. I have a question not answered here.
  34. No problem - just e-mail me at

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