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From Prestonsburg:
  • Follow US 23 South until you get to the red lights at Allen.
  • Turn Right onto 1428.
  • After about 1.3 miles you will see an entrance to Stumbo Park on your Right.
  • Turn Right into the park and follow the road around to the Right.
  • When you get to the railroad, cross the railroad and turn Left.
  • Follow that road until you see a large building in front of you (there will be a childrens play area and a grilling/picnic area on your Left)
  • That large building is the Allen Convention Center.

    Here are some maps for the Allen Convention Center. The images are quite large, so please allow time for them to load.
    The first map is an overview.
    The second map is approximately the area in the box from the first map.
    The third map is approximately the area on the box from the second map.
    Map 1

    Map 2

    Map 3

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